New Single! "Three First Names"

I just released my debut single, “Three First Names”! Inspired by a night out with friends, where I ran into an old high school acquaintance, this song is an electric guitar filled indie pop bop that confronts the version of myself that I’d like people to think I am with my true self.

Grappling with her online versus off-line personas, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist HaleyJane Rose.... paints a vividly sly portrait of herself. “Three First Names,” decorated with dry humor and driving angst ... illustrates “the contrast of what we put forward and what we choose to show about our lives versus the unedited reality,” she says of the song, which fuses a plainspoken theatricality (from her studies at Marymount Manhattan College) with traditional folk music.
— B-Sides & Badlands

You can read the rest of the article that was published with my single released here.