haleyjane rose



“decorated with dry humor and driving angst”
B-Sides & Badlands

“soars to dizzying heights that you never want to descend from”
— Indie Midlands


HaleyJane Rose is a New York based singer/songwriter/famous person. While known for her work with the harmony-laced folk/pop trio Boy Band, Haley's solo sound takes her acoustic influences and mixes it with her love for indie rock. Frequenting venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, and the historic home of anti-folk, Sidewalk Cafe, HaleyJane plays electric guitar driven, indie pop tunes with a wave of humor and earnestness. 

Her debut single "Three First Names" is a testament to what we choose to put forward in our lives versus the unedited reality. Her followup single, "Unaware/Ungrateful", is a biting, plea for someone to change for the better, despite all the signs that they will not.

HaleyJane is a clever, skilled songwriter whose personality consistently shines through in new and surprising ways. A supermodel on the inside and out, an icon for all generations, and a fearless warrior with a palette for hot sauce. Above all else, though, she’s workin’ through her bruises and her shitty credit.



Three First Names



Boy Band released their debut EP, "Begin", Summer 2017. Their lead single "Sorry (High & Dry)" was called "a crash course in pop perfection" (Mind Equals Blown) with "harmonies so opulent they sound like they've been double dipped in gold" (The Devil Has The Best Tuna). After an EP "swelling with swampy folk shapeshifting and smooth wrinkles of glossy pop magnificence..." (B-Sides & Badlands), HaleyJane Rose, Ana Dratz & Jen Fischer released “Still”, “a poppy trip down memory lane”. You can keep up with Boy Band here.

“... Boy Band reveal(s) unending talent, mostly in the form of colorful melodies and decadent harmonies, but also in their own band camaraderie and storytelling bravery."